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Who are we

From spring and summer escapes in Europe to the nourishing nature of Bali,

Inner Wild retreats are dedicated to holistic, meaningful well-being experiences to revitalize you.

View from Tent

Soul calming locations

Our locations at Inner Wild are carefully selected rural gems with inspiring, tasteful interiors and surrounded by nature. In close company with the mountains or the ocean, we enjoy misty mornings, warm sunsets, and the occasional stormy evening. Breathtaking views come hand in hand with an element of wilderness and unpredictable weather. When on an island, water is precious, which means we have to use it mindfully. 

If you are ready for unexpected adventures, curious to know yourself better and looking to enjoy life at a slower pace, then Inner Wild retreat will be just the escape you have been longing for! 


 Discover a world of joyful celebrations of food that is clean, nutrient-dense and life-giving. Expect a dynamic vegetarian menu - combining local and seasonal ingredients with the taste of the different cultures. 


Fuelling yourself with natural food is an amazing way to be kind to your body, with endless benefits for your immune system, energy levels, skin, digestion and more. Each serving comes from careful consideration of the whole journey, from the roots to the table.

Outdoor Garden Buffet
Yoga Child's Pose


We take a contemporary approach to wellbeing, without being rigid. Our retreats don’t follow a strict schedule or enforced detoxing. Instead we create an open-minded place to feel safe, where you can really let your guard down and indulge in a magical retreat experience alongside like-minded people.

No matter your age, size, background or flexibility - as long as you are open-minded, considerate and have a kind soul, you are most welcome.

Together we will take the path less traveled, embracing new and fulfilling experiences and embarking on a journey that stirs our intuition and awakens our potential.

Movement, Meditation & Neuroscience

In Inner Wild retreats we use methods that improve brain health, holistic well-being and physical abilities with movement, meditation and neuroscience. 

From calmness, we advance to the wide stretching movement accompanied by the breath. We strengthen the most important muscles which support the healthy body posture and find the balance to create smooth and harmonic movement in our activities.

We study to understand the brain processes of cognition, emotion, and rest. We get a versatile understanding how the stress violates the body and the brain, and how to release the stress and recharge energy. We learn meditation and movement practices to enhance memory, concentration, emotional health and creativity, and understand these processes in the brain.


We get instructions how take the practice with us when returning home to maintain a dynamic body and the optimal brain functions. Importantly, we also understand the value of sleep and proper rest as a base for a healthy and energetic life.

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