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Wellness Days

We plan and execute wellness days for your team at work that provides all the aspects needed for a successful event that is designed to time off that employees can use to recharge themselves, putting them in the right headspace for their jobs . 

Why wellness days?

Well, to put it simply, the past couple of years has been no easy ride for everyone. From a global pandemic to a recession, people are burdened with increasing uncertainty and worry. 

However, as we journey past the pandemic, wellness days have grown in popularity in the businesses. Employers are now recognising that healthier, happier employees produce better results.

What some organisations have realised is that although employees step back from their duties, they come back much stronger. Ultimately, the role of health and wellbeing has been through an interesting evolution in recent years.

Let us design the most beneficial wellness day for your team. Book a free consultation call here.

Group Stretching


Wellness days offer a comprehensive, strategically designed investment in employees' mental, physical and social health. It's a day that encourages people to do things together that contribute to their health and happiness. 

As more companies embrace hybrid work, team-building becomes more important than ever. You want to keep your workforce connected wherever they are based,  and you want your corporate leadership team to be effective leaders. Team building activities are a fun way for businesses to enhance employee motivation, engagement, recognition, and corporate wellness in the workplace.

Mindfulness &

In Inner Wild wellness days we use methods that improve brain health, holistic well-being and physical abilities with mindfulness practices by encouraging individuals to be present at the moment, practice self-reflection, and cultivate a positive mindset. 

We study to understand the brain processes of cognition, emotion, and rest. We get a versatile understanding how the stress violates the body and the brain, and how to release the stress and recharge energy. We learn meditation and movement practices to enhance memory, concentration, emotional health and creativity, and understand these processes in the brain. It puts your staff in a better position to handle work-related conflicts and improve the indivi
dual’s overall wellbeing at work.

Every employee needs a lesson or two in stress management. So, organising classes to help them prevent burnout and manage stressful work days is always a wise idea. Stress management sessions will help your workers identify and deal with their stressors. It's a sure way to ensure that your employees make healthy life choices and develop wholesome habits.

You will get instructions how take the practice with you when returning back to work to maintain a dynamic body and the optimal brain functions. Importantly, we also understand the value of recovery and sleep  as a base for a healthy and energetic life.

Meditation Group


We will design the activities of the wellness days based on your workplace and team needs. We have a variety selection of different activities from sports to creative arts. We choose the location that will support the best way throughout the wellness day activities. 

Prioritising your teams' well-being at work will lead to fewer sick days, a more productive environment and better work culture. In any workplace, trust and teamwork are vital, and fun activities bring out the best in employees through competition and comradery. If you include some fun team building activities in your workplace, your employees will become more capable of communicating and respecting each other on and off the field.


Reach out to us and let's plan the perfect and most effective wellness day for your team needs.


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