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Frequently asked questions

1. Is the accommodation shared or private?

Options for both private or shared rooms will be available. Prices vary for each option and more information is on the check out page.

​2. What if I'm not familiar with yoga and breath work?

Yoga and breath work sessions cater to all ranges of experiences, so be sure to give it a try! Yoga sessions are held daily, so there will be plenty of time to become familiar with the practices. 


3. ​Are our plane tickets included?

No, you will be responsible for getting the flight tickets by yourself. 

4. ​Are men and women lodging separate?

Yes, we will separate men and women in the lodging arrangements.


5. ​What should I bring?

As there will be daily yoga classes, comfortable activewear is a must. Warm and cozy clothes are recommended for the chilly evenings. 

6. Will there be downtime?

Yes, there will be plenty of time to enjoy the retreat space.

​7. Can specific dietary requirements be accommodated?

Yes! The retreat site can adjust all meals in accordance with dietary requirements upon arrival. 

​8. Do I need a visa?

Depending on where you are from, you will need to check what your requirements are to entering the country.



9. Do I need to be vaccinated for covid to enter the retreat?

No, this is not required, but all the attendees should come with zero symptoms of covid. 

​10. Do you need to provide a negative COVID test to enter to the country?

We recommend to check the updated information from the health administration of your country and the destination country before booking the flight tickets. 

​11. Is there internet/WiFi?

Free WiFi is provided. However, due to our remote location, the signal can be temperamental in developing countries.

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