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Soft-hearted days of selfcare

Wether you are a mom, a full-time worker or due to any other circumstances the five nights retreats are not suitable for your schedule, or you are a beginner and looking for a shoft landing to try out retreats, this is perfect retreat for you.

This a one-day retreat includes soulful yoga, seasonal self-care and walking meditations, all set in sacred surroundings. Reflect, refocus and set your intentions for the months ahead. Wether you are introvert or extrovert, we have designed the program that you will feel comfortable to be surrounded with. 

Forest Light

Find the balance in one of the world's purest nature

You will reconnect with yourself and your essence through a well-designed yoga practice from experienced teachers. In this retreat, you will have the opportunity to deeply relax through beautiful meditations, yin yoga classes, or breathing exercises. Let go of stress and old emotions, strengthen the body and come back into balance by joining creative Vinyasa flows or grounding Hatha classes.

We keep groups small in order to host an intimate experience with impact and purpose, and are a small and dedicated team ourselves.


  • Yoga classes

  • Breath work experiences

  • Empowerment and healing experiences

  • Guided mediations

  • Sauna and cold plunges

  • Deep human connection workshops

  • Local healthy and nourishing meals

Friends Having Fun

Musical Journeys

Gathering as a family to enjoy music and sound. Each journey is a unique possibility to experience the medicine of divine vibration within the embrace of a loving community within a temple of the forest. We use methods like Tibetan sound bath, tongue drum, guitar and the nature itself.  


  • During the day you will be nourished with plant based meals and soul feeding beverages. 

  • Possibilities to over night stay with our partners.

  • Ask an additional transportation from the train station 

50% deposit is required to confirm reservation.
The remaining amount is due 2 week prior to the retreat. 

For bookings and rates queries, please reach out to

See frequently asked questions here.

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