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Find your inner peace in the wild

Welcome to our community

We are a self-healing movement from Finland here to make healing simple and fun! We provide options for all stages of your healing journey including physical retreats in wild locations around the world, as well as online retreats and workshops. We believe you are here for a reason so take your first step and learn more.


Upcoming retreats

Balinese Bliss Retreat 3.1-6.1.2025 


Traditional Balinese therapies and modern holistic healing will enhance your mental, emotional, and physical well-being at our retreats. Our deeply intuitive team of caring professionals will help you release the old and embrace the new. And since our retreats are small you'll enjoy an intimate experience full of healing, growth, and purification. ..

Online learning


reduction in depressed mood


improvement in self-compassion


decrease in anxiety


increased motivation

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